The Flora and Fauna of Vermont * Green Mountains

One of my favorite things about Vermont is that daily I am inspired and in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. I decide that one day rather than just taking a walk I would choose one thing to find on my walk. One day it was to see how many different wild flowers I could see (more that 20 in less than a mile) and another how many different ferns I could find along the trail. The photos above are a few of the different mushrooms I saw along the trail on my walk. My next goal is to take a field guide along with me so I can learn the identity of all these beautiful bits of nature.
One more thing I have observed about Vermont is that the soil is different here. Much much different than the hard dusty soil of The Valley in Utah. The soil in Vermont is loamy. It feels like a soft sponge under foot. It's so pleasant to walk on bare foot.  I'm sure it a combination of the mosses, decaying vegetation and the deep dark richness that contributes to this earthy cushion in Vermont.

April-Living the Sweet Life


Now Sweet Life in the Green Mountains * Our Big Move

It's official we are now Vermonters living in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont (for now.) Vermont is full of green trees which turn a vivid rainbow of colors in the fall, big old barns, white churches, Victorian homes, towns that are over 200 years old, dairy farms which means the best cheese, good kind people, old and young men who have long beards, harvest balls, tons of rivers, lakes and ponds, great skiing, green mountains, pure Vermont maple syrup and good food. We'll still keep you updated with good food, home, garden, and travel posts.
{maple syrup grading-photo by Season Atwater photography}

Until then... It's spring here in Vermont it's time to sugar which means the sap is flowing and the sugar houses are boiling up some of the finest maple syrup in the world.

After all Backwoods is the new black!


Sweet Eats in The Valley * D Boys BBQ Orem

I have found BBQ heaven right here in Orem. D Boys BBQ makes amazing smoked meats but they don't stop with the meats. They also know how to serve up the savory smoked morsels. For the salad lovers a delicious smoked turkey with pecans and cranberries over a bed of lettuces is very satisfying. See the thick slice of garlic bread on the side? Most if not all the time when a meal is served with some garlic bread or bead its a second thought, almost, just a mediocre filler item, not with D Boys BBQ. Their thick slice of garlic bread is perfectly toasted and BOTH sides garlic buttered making it a nice even balance of flavors.

{The smoker at D Boys BBQ}

The smoked meats a sooo good! D Boys BBQ uses cherry wood. If you have smelled cherry wood smoke you will know the sweet smell that brings memories of summer camping, winter evenings by the fire and a good smoked meat. It is the kind of smoky smell that is mellow. The kid you don't mind lingering in the air. The Diamond boys have created a great blend of smoked meats with their own rub mix and a very special BBQ "nasty" sauce.
At D Boys BBQ even the kids menu items are great. I love it when a kids menu offers more than chicken nuggets. We tried the kids Wrangler Dinner that included a side of choice such as sweet potato fries, coleslaw, baked potato and other such goodness. This is what a kids menu should look like.
How about the Shooters? They are only $1. Time to trade up your dollar menu meal to their tasty smoked pulled pork or beef. Try it. I know you will love it. I tried all the meats and everyone of them was perfection.
Have a look at the whole menu, click here: D Boys BBQ Menu 

Sweet Tip:
ValPak has some great coupons for D Boys BBQ including a free shooter and 2 BBQ Sandwiches for $10

D Boys BBQ
294 N State Street
Orem, UT
Facebook: D Boys BBQ

{food provided by D Boys BBQ for review but as always I only write about the products and food I like. }


Good Eats * Roll Up Cafe * Crepes in Orem

Sweet or savory you are going to love the crepes at Roll Up Cafe. I sampled the Chicken Alfredo {bottom left} filled with Chicken, Bacon, Ham, Cheese with Spinach, Mushroom, Tomatoes & Alfredo Sauce. It's a tasty lighter version of the traditional Chicken Alfredo filled with heavy pasta. I love all the fresh veggies on it. My daughter tried to Turkey Bacon Avocado {top left} filled with Turkey, Bacon & Tomato with Avocado & Cheese. Did you see those large slices of avocado? Yum! and the bacon was delicious. My son went for a sweet crepe, the Stuffed French Toast Crepe. It's made with Fresh Strawberries and bananas with sweet cream cheese and powder sugar on top with a side of maple syrup. We shared and tasted all three crepes and the tasting was unanimous. We loved them all! Roll Up Cafe makes all their ingredients fresh everyday. They buy locally grown, free range and fresh when ever possible which means everything taste great and it's good for you too. To top it all off we tried their milk shakes. Guess what my kids and I have been craving ever since our visit? It's the Nutella milk shake. It is the perfect blend of vanilla ice cream and Nutella {you can order it with chocolate ice cream too.} Check it out.  Roll up cafe is now on our list of Favorite Sweet Eateries in The Valley.

1605 S State Street
Orem, Utah, 84097
Facebook: Roll Up Cafe


Mother's Day * Azalea Spa and Salon

Did you get your Mother a gift for Mother's Day yet? No? Head over to Azalea Day Spa & Salon's Facebook page to get 10% off a Gift Card for Mother's Day- Less Stress and More Love!
Facebook: Azalea Day Spa & Salon 

Thanks to Azalea for sponsoring Sweet Life in The Valley. Do you want to be a Sweet Sponsor email me at


Sweet Fashion * Summer Clothing

Since having twins 16 years ago my wardrobe has been clothing I can throw in the wash and not worry if kids have spit-up, muddy hand prints or spilled food on it type wearable items. Not much has changed in the past 16 years. I am always surrounded by kids {which I love} from my little nieces and nephews to those I work with in my professional life. A big plus is those clothing items are comfortable and work with my active lifestyle.

Fresh Produce sent me one of their lovely dresses to try. I decided to choose something for my sweet 16 year old daughter who loves dresses and is an excellent baby sitter. She looked so cute in Fresh Produce's Augustine Sunshine Dress. Are you looking for some cute summer casual clothes? Check them out.


Bijou Market * Happenin in The Valley

Next weekend is the Bijou Market. There will be an amazing selection of items from local artist and artisans including my friend and designer Heather Carson.

Historic Soutworth Hall
116 West Center Street
Provo, Utah

Happy Easter!!


The Hunger Games Event with Azalea Salon and Day Spa

Azalea Salon and Day Spa in American Fork is hosting a super fun pre-movie event. 

The Hunger Games

Join us for the Games March 22... This is what you will get:

* Exclusive early viewing of The Hunger Games -No waiting in line!
*20% off Aveda products the day of event - with a ticket
*Pre movie primping- makeup touch ups, etc.
*Entered into a drawing for prizes (see below)
*A goodie bag

Hunger Games starts at 7:p.m. on March 22. Be one of the first to see this epic series.
Call for details  801.756.9619
Space for the Azalea event is limited- Reserve your seat today!

Pre-Movie Events
Must have movie ticket

10:00-4:00: FREE makeup appointments. Get fresh spring ideas and tips
5:00 -6:00: Prepare yourself for The Hunger Games with FREE makeup touch-ups, hand massages and styles
6:30-7:00: Let the Games begin as we draw for door prizes in the theater

Drawing Prizes:
The Hunger Games book set, Services to Azalea, Aveda product, Hunger Games signature nail polish, and more...

Tell your friends and join us for an exciting evening.
Space is limited so reserve your spot now.

(No one under 12 years of age, please - due to movie rating)

Azalea Salon & Day Spa (right next to the theaters)
741West 100 North
American Fork, Utah 

Cinemark American Fork
715 West 180 North
American Fork, UT 84003


Station 22 Cafe in Provo * Good Eats

Utah Valley has a pretty great food scene happening. One that I hope can be supported so it can thrive and grow. One of my favorite restaurants in addition to Pizzeria 712 and Communal is Station 22 Cafe in downtown Provo. The food is fresh, delicious, seasonal and a really great price.

{a few of our blogging friends left to right top to bottom me- Frieda Loves Bread- ISLY- Keeping Up with MOM- Busy Mommy MediaCute Culture Chick}

A group of our Utah Bloggers met up for a holiday dinner at Station 22 Cafe and had the chance to sample the menu.  As you can see their menu is amazingly delicious!

This is some seriously amazing food!
1. Winter Squash with Brown Sugar and Pecans
2. Smashed Potatoes with Station 22 signature gravy even non-gravy lovers will love
3. Sweet Potato Fries
4. I can not remember the name of this one but it was delicious
5. Memphis Fried Chicken best of the sandwiches!
6. Chicken Salad yum!

Now for the turkey legs. Have you tried the turkey legs at Disneyland or Disney World? You know the ones you have to wait in a long line to get. Stations 22's turkey legs blow the Disney turkey legs out of the water. They are so tender and fall off the bone goodness. I crave them all time and I am not much of a meat eater.

Another star of the Station 22 Cafe menu is The Adventist, a very flavorful veggie burger. I know you are thinking there is no way a veggie burger can be describe as good or flavorful. It is! You must try it to believe how good it really tastes.

Station 22 Cafe is social. Check them out here:
Website- Station 22 Cafe
Facebook- Station 22 Cafe
Twitter- @station22cafe
Blog- Station 22 Cafe

Stop by for some Good Eats
Station 22 Cafe
22 West Center St
 Provo, Utah

{food provided by Station 22 Cafe for review}